More Than Fifty Years Of Top Accounting Services in the St Louis Area

Accounting Services in St Louis, Robert Croghan Sr. 1960It was in the fall of 1960 that Robert E Croghan Sr. began his accounting services firm in the general St Louis and surrounding metropolitan area. His commitment to exceptional personal service not only brought the firm a steady stream of quality clients but also enabled his young CPA firm to grow steadily through the early years.

As the firm grew and evolved Croghan, never lost sight of the need to provide his clients with the best possible personal service and attention. It was the successful implementation of this personal service principal that led to expansion of the accounting services firm.

Croghan & Croghan, PrincipalsToday, Robert Croghan, Jr., Michael Croghan and Cindy Croghan Backes make up the principal partners of Croghan and Croghan. Each of them joined Croghan and Croghan as they completed their individual studies and ultimate certification and licensing. And each of them employ the same commitment to exceptional personal service. Robert Croghan Sr. is still around but is no longer active in the day to day operations.

Accounting Services at Croghan & Croghan

Croghan and Croghan provides accounting services for individuals as well as businesses. We can help individuals with their personal financial planning needs including financial planning, estate planning, tax services, financial forecasts and projections, retirement planning and more.

We provide our business clients with state of the art accounting services that include comprehensive small business accounting, cash flow management, strategic business planning and succession planning. We also consult with our business clients on new business formation, internal control development as well as help with litigation services.

We employ Certified Quickbooks Pro-Advisors that can assist you with proper Quickbooks setup as well as qualified Quickbooks training. Visit our online Quickbooks page area for Quickbooks tips, Quickbooks answers and Quickbooks tune up advice. If you are undecided about how to proceed call Cindy Backes at 314-966-6644 anytime.

Tax Services at Croghan & Croghan

We've built a solid reputation for exceptional tax planning and business tax services. We remain current on new tax laws as well as any relevant tax legislation. We help our clients capitalize on tax planning strategies that minimize their tax liabilities. We provide year-round tax expertise to indivduals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs and LLPs. We can also help with planning and tax services for not-for-profit organizations.

We invite you to visit our tax services pages if you need information about any tax problems that may arise. Get up to date information about back taxes, payroll tax problems, IRS liens and/or seizures as well as bankruptcy. Ou tax refund page will help you track refunds and due dates. It also provides access to IRS tax forms and publications as well as state tax forms.

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The Croghan & Croghan Service Pledge of Integrity

We'll continue with our dedication to providing our clients with unsurpassed customer service and attention. We want each of our clients to understand how important they are to the success of our accounting practice.

We will continually strive to provide our clients with top level technical accounting, tax and management expertise. We will always maintain a staff of intelligent service-oriented personnel. We are committed to an ongoing effort toward continued education and require each member of the Croghan & Croghan team to live up to those standards.

Each member of the Croghan & Croghan team will maintain the highest professional code of ethics as set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We invite you to join us.